Weekly SEO news: 26 May 2020
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1. Better mobile search engine optimization

More than half of all online searches are carried out on mobile devices. If you want to attract as many customers as possible, your pages must be listed in the mobile search results.

Being listed in Google's mobile results is the first step to succeed. However, it's not enough if you want to get new customers with your mobile website. Mobile SEO is more than just having a mobile-ready website.

better mobile search engine optimization

Here are three things that help you to improve the results that you can get with your mobile website:

1. Check your landing pages

Landing pages on mobile phones can be different from landing pages for desktop computers. Typing on mobile phones is difficult and most people don't like it. Make sure that the forms on your mobile web pages require as little information as possible. The easier it is to do the required action on your mobile landing page, the better.

Place a call to action above the fold and make sure that all elements and forms are easy to tap. Keep your mobile landing page to the point. People who view web pages on mobile phones are busy.

2. Improve your website

Smartphones have small screens. Busy pages with a lot of elements are confusing. In addition, each additional element on a web page increases the load time of the page, which is a bad thing for mobile.

Everything on your mobile web pages should be easy to use and easy to understand. Show your website visitors a clear path with clear call-to-action buttons and easy web page navigation.

Remove everything that isn't necessary: animated backgrounds, background videos, etc. Focus on a single goal on your mobile web pages.

3. Make it easy to find your contact information

Mobile searches are often used to find local businesses. For local stores, the mobile website has two main purposes:

  • Show people where your business is located.
  • Make it easy to call your business.

Include a map on your website and/or include a link to Google Maps so people can navigate to your store with Google Maps. If you want to embed Google Maps on your website, make sure that it is GDPR compliant. A map image with a link to Google Maps might be the better option.

Your address should be easy to find on your mobile website. A "Call now" button also helps people to contact you. Use tel: in your link to make a phone number clickable in mobile phones:

<a href="tel:9876543210">987 654 3210</a>


<a href="tel:9876543210">Call us now</a>

Optimized pages get more customers

The tips above help you to improve the conversion rate of your mobile web pages. SEOprofiler offers mobile SEO tools that help you to optimize your website for smartphones. You can create your account here:

Optimize your website now

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

StatisticsHow to measure content KPIs during COVID
"While it is important to be empathetic with customers, they are also looking for leadership — they want to be understood, but they also want to feel more confident about what the 'go-forward' is, and I think that’s an important messaging component [right now...] There are metrics that go along with that: things like taking benchmarks for share of voice, for affinity, for sentiment."

Bing: releasing additional features

"we are delighted to announce three additional features migrating into the new Bing Webmaster portal: Bing URL Submission, Block URL, Crawl Control."

BingBing can now answer queries with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

"Bing can now return a 'Yes' or 'No' answer for certain queries, the company announced Tuesday. The new search feature includes the one-word answer as well as a carousel of related excerpts from various sources."

Google local service ads: are they worth it?

"From a call quality perspective, Local Services Ads are definitely worth it. The rate of qualified leads per phone call exceeded that of our standard paid search campaigns and that of several other digital channels. From a cost perspective, it depends."

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  • Google: The May 2020 Core Update rollout is complete.
  • Google: We don't do anything special for IDNs or IDN TLDs (other than the punycode handling).
  • Google releases one-tap Actions Blocks that add Assistant shortcuts to Android homescreens.
  • Google to sunset Gallery ads beta, focus on Image Extensions.

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