Weekly SEO news: 23 June 2020
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1. How to analyze the links of any website for free

Checking the links of competing websites can help you to improve the links of your own website. Unfortunately, Google Search Console shows the links that point to your own website but not the links of your competitors. Fortunately, there is a free tool that enables you to check the links of any website.

A free alternative to Google's link search operator

Why should you analyze the links of your competitors?

Google has confirmed that links from other websites are a strong ranking signal. There is a strong correlation between good links from other websites and high rankings on Google.

Find the websites and links that will give your own website a ranking boost by analyzing the links of your competitors. Analyze the links of your own website, remove bad links and improve the existing links that point to your site.

Your free link analysis tool: OpenLinkProfiler.org

OpenLinkProfiler.org is a free link analysis tool that enables you to take a look at the links of any website. It enables you to find particular links quickly and easily:

free link analysis

You can filter the links by age, by anchor text, by the title of the linking page, by Link Influence Score (LIS), by industry, by context, etc.

Find the links that point to a particular page, links that contain particular words, etc. OpenLinkProfiler.org also parses the data for you so that you get the top stats with a single mouse click:

link analysis details

Billions of links at your fingertips

The link database of OpenLinkProfiler.org contains billions of links that are updated regularly. Go to OpenLinkProfiler.org now and analyze the links of any website. Don't forget to tell your friends about this free tool.

Analyze your links now

Stay safe during these difficult times!

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: We don't explicitly measure EAT in search
"Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that Google Search does not explicitly measure E-A-T in search. John was asked about which signals does Google use to measure E-A-T and John said '"that's not something we'd explicitly measure for Search -- it's a concept we wrote about in our Quality Rater's guidelines.'"

Google does support nofollow on HTML link tag

"Gary Illyes from Google, after multiple days of research, has confirmed that Google indeed supports the use of the nofollow link attribute on HTML link tags.

He said on Twitter this is supported in 'the form of rel="alternate nofollow", and that will prevent Google from using the link from the href attribute. If you don't specify a nofollow, the URL from href will be extracted as a weightless outlink.'"

John MuellerGoogle' John Mueller: the order in a sitemap file doesn't matter

"No, the order in a sitemap file doesn't matter at all. We read the files to get the sitemap URLs, then process the collection of URLs independently. The order or the choice of sitemap file doesn't play a role at all."

Google Ads stats in search results

"Google Ads will soon start showing you how your Google Ads campaigns are performing directly in the search results. All you would need to do is search for [my ads] or [google ads] and you will see this little stats box at the top of the search results."

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  • Google Maps tests overlaying AR-esque place markers in Street View-
  • Google is going to ban clickbait ads.
  • Google suggesting search keywords by rotating them while you scroll.
  • Search for #fireworks in Google and scroll down to see a short fireworks display.
  • Google: Data holes can happen if a site becomes & stays unverified for a while.

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