Weekly SEO news: 18 August 2020
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1. Why you should take control of your SEO (and save money)

Many people hire SEO agencies to do their SEO work. While this can be a good solution for some companies, there are several advantages of optimizing your web pages for yourself.

SEO: It's your business

1. It's your business

When you hire an external SEO company, you hire a company that does not know your customers as well as you do. They also do not know your business processes as well as you do. Optimizing your website means that many different things have to be done. If everything is done in-house, things can happen much faster.

2. It's more efficient

Communicating with an SEO agency can take a lot of time. In general, it takes some time until the agency understands what you really want. They also have other clients and you might not be their top-priority.

If you optimize your website for yourself, you can implement things much more quickly. Your in-house team knows what's important and your team knows your customers. It's much easier to get results then.

In addition, in-house search engine optimization is much more transparent. You have all of the data and you know exactly what's going on.

3. You get more for your money

As mentioned above, SEO agencies can be a good solution for many businesses. Unfortunately, SEO agencies are also quite expensive. You can expect around $2,500/month for an SEO agency that actually delivers results. Fortunately, you can automate many things that SEO agencies do for you with the right tools. For example, SEOprofiler can do the following for you:

  • Regular website audits: the website audit tool in SEOprofiler automatically checks the content of your web pages and it shows you all the errors that should be corrected.
  • Regular link profile audits: the link profiler tool in SEOprofiler shows you the link structure of your website. It also shows the links that could have a negative influence on the rankings of your web pages.
  • Regular reports: use the scheduler in SEOprofiler to automatically get SEO reports by email. You can also view your reports online and you get access to all important key metrics.
  • On-site optimization: the Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler analyzes the content of your web pages.
  • Regular position checks: the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler checks the position of your web pages on Google, Google Mobile and Bing. You can specify the exact city from which the rankings should be checked. The ranking monitor informs you about dramatic ranking changes, it shows easy ranking opportunities, and much more.

Instead of the $2,500 that the average client pays his SEO agency for these services, you can get all of this for a much lower price with SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler is a do-it-yourself SEO tool that helps you to get better rankings on search engines.

Even if you only use the fully automated reporting tools in SEOprofiler, you will save a lot of money. If you use all tools in SEOprofiler, you will save even more.

Should you hire an SEO agency?

This depends on your requirements. If you have the money, hiring an SEO agency or an SEO professional can be a good solution. To get results, you should invest at least $2500 per month. If you pay less, you'll only get automated reports (which you can run for yourself with the right tools):

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerGoogle: header tags  not magical pixie dust

"[Header tags are] useful for understanding the context of content (text & images), but they're not magical pixie dust that will make your site rank better. Think more relevant users rather than just more users. Better conversions through better targeting."

Google: URLs are mostly identifiers

"URLs are mostly identifiers, you don't need to translate any words in them when localizing content. You can, but you don't need to. We generally don't do it with our content, we just add ?hl=... parameters. (Not that we get SEO right all the time though :-))"

John MuellerGoogle: No such thing as too many outbound links

"Google's John Mueller was asked if there is such a thing as having too many outbound links, even if those links are natural. John said 'I'm not aware of anything like that.' He did add that maybe there is a situation where you are lacking content because you have so many links, i.e. like directories."

Google: pipes and other symbols in web page titles are okay

Google's John Mueller confirmed this on Twitter: "Putting random symbols, pipes or flowers, in the middle of sentences doesn't make much sense to me, but my guess is computers don't care as much about that. Also, usually sites use symbols there to separate "site-title" from "page-title", which tend to be separate but related."

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  • Google doesn't like machine translated content.
  • Google: Update your Business Profile on Google Maps and Search.
  • Google: High Domain Authority with backlinks does not guarantee high rankings.
  • Google launches new travel search.
  • Google’s advertising platform is blocking articles about racism.
  • Yandex search engine faces $40m copyright lawsuit for indexing videos.
  • Google: some search result pages are indexed, some aren't.
  • Google: if it's your own website, you know what a natural link is.

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