Weekly SEO news: 15 December 2020
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1. Google December 2020 core update is still rolling out

Google's December 2020 Core Update is still rolling out this week. If your website rankings on Google have changed, it's likely that the core update is the reason for the change.

Google December 2020 broad core algorithm update

What you should do now

Google's advice for core updates remains the same. Core updates do not penalize websites. For example, cleaning your links won’t help if your rankings drop after a core update. Instead, it’s likely that other websites do something better than your website.

If you want to get high rankings with Google's new ranking algorithm, just do the usual things that are needed to get high rankings:

1. Create web pages with good content

Your website should contain many pages that are related to the topic of your website. If the content of your website is unique, it will be much easier to get high rankings on Google (and other search engines).

Optimize the pages of your website for your keywords and make sure that your web pages are error-free.

2. Get good links from other websites

If your web pages have good links from related websites, they will rank higher than other pages that do not have these links. Analyze the links that point to your site and improve the links that point to your web pages.

If there are unnatural links to your web pages, you should remove these bad links.

3. Make sure that your website is mobile-ready

Most people visit websites on smartphones. For that reason, it is very important that your website works with mobile phones. The website audit tool in SEOprofiler can check if your pages can be indexed by mobile search engine robots.

4. Use structured data markup code

Although structured data markup code is not necessary to get high rankings, rich results help to improve the look of your website on Google’s search results pages. The Rich Results Creator in SEOprofiler helps you to create necessary code as easily as possible.

Have your rankings changed?

You can monitor the rankings of your web pages with the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler. The Ranking Monitor enables you to react when your rankings drop.

The Ranking Monitor also shows the days on which algorithm updates happen so that you can quickly see if a ranking change might be related to an algorithm update:

Google December 2020 broad core algorithm update

Improve your rankings now

The tools in SEOprofiler also help you to optimize your web pages for Google's ranking algorithm.

You get everything you need to get high rankings on Google and other search engines: keyword research tools, web page optimization tools, SEO website audits, uptime monitoring, and much more.

Improve your rankings now

Stay safe during these difficult times!

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: Avoid blocking pages that are important enough to have links to them

"If you have important or popular pages with a lot of links to them, make sure Google can access the page. If you robots.txt out that page, Google may drop the links and those links won't help Google understand the true importance of your web site. That means, your rankings can decline in Google Search."

John Mueller: We should not remove sites from search completely

"With all these things, especially the spammy techniques, we should not (imo) remove sites from search completely unless there's absolutely no value. People get things wrong accidentally & listen to wrong advice, but their sites/businesses are still useful."

John MuellerGoogle: Sometimes copied content is more relevant

"John Mueller gave a broad answer that used different kinds of copied content as examples (like boilerplate content used across an entire website). [...] Mueller ended by using Google’s own blog posts as an example of Google’s algorithm ranking other sites ahead of Google’s own content. He said it was about relevance."

How to redirect uppercase URLs to lowercase URLs

"It may surprise you but, yes, URLs are case sensitive. And, if you have both upper- and lowercase versions of your site’s domain, you may be unintentionally making Google’s job harder — and hurting your site’s own performance."

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