Weekly SEO news: 22 December 2020
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1. Loading time, your web pages, your search engine rankings, and your bottom line

Google likes fast web pages. According to Google's John Mueller, web pages should load within three seconds or less. Page speed is a factor in Google's ranking algorithm.

get a fast website

Fast web pages are important

Google has a 'mobile first' strategy. Google wants to deliver web pages in the search results that are displayed quickly on mobile devices. Your pages should deliver the fastest user experience you can achieve.

In addition to the influence of fast pages on your Google rankings, fast pages are also important for the user experience:

  • Mobile Internet users will leave websites that are too slow, frozen, or not available.
  • Most consumers expect a web page to load in a few seconds.
  • Many consumers abandon websites that do not load within five seconds.
  • Each second that your web pages need longer to load can have a negative influence on the conversion rate of your website.

If your web pages do not load quickly enough, you will lose customers. In addition, Google won't rank your web pages as highly as they could be ranked.

How to check the loading time of your web pages

Among many other things, the Website Audit tool in SEOprofiler checks the loading time of your web pages. The 'Performance' page in the audit report shows the fastest and the slowest pages of your website, and it lets you filter the pages of your website by loading time:

website performance analysis

If you do not make sure that your website loads quickly, your competition will make sure that their websites do.

Optimize your web pages now

SEOprofiler offers many powerful tools that help you to get better rankings on Google and other search engines. If you haven't done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now and check the speed of your web pages in the Website Audit tool:

Check your website speed now

Stay safe during these difficult times!

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: We don't prioritize crawling, indexing, or ranking by platform used

"We don't prioritize crawling, indexing, or ranking by platform used.

It's not uncommon to see some pages from new sites get crawled quickly, and old sites to get crawled slowly (say if we haven't seen useful changes there in a long time). It's not the rule, but it can happen."

John Mueller: content refresh cycles are dependent on geotargeting

"Content refresh & content freeze cycles are highly dependent on geotargeting, which is why I find globally averaged SEO weather reports highly questionable."

John MuellerGoogle: If a page is blocked by robots.txt, we won't see the noindex

"If a page is blocked by robots.txt, we won't see the noindex. If you need to prevent a page from being indexed (even without its content), make sure to allow crawling & block with noindex. Or, for urgent cases, just use the URL removal tool for the part of the path."

Website migration with Bing

"Despite many pitfalls and dangers associated with migrations, there are valid reasons why they should be pursued, including moving to a new domain in relation with rebranding, website acquisition and consolidation, improving site architecture or transitioning to a new, better CMS."

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  • The December 2020 Core Update rollout is complete.
  • 10 states accuse Google of abusing monopoly in online ads.
  • Shopping for a beauty product? Try it on with Google.
  • Adding a web page as a sitemap in robots.txt doesn't ping a page for faster crawling.
  • Google accused of colluding with Facebook and abusing monopoly power in new lawsuit.
  • EU approves Google’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, subject to conditions.
  • Google details what happened during Monday's cloud outage.

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