Weekly SEO news: 29 December 2020
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1. Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerJohn Mueller about Google's December core update

"Google's John Mueller posted several tweets in which he explained why Google won't revert the December 2020 code update. He also explained that the situation today is different from the situation ten years ago."

Google algorithms vs Google penalties, explained by an ex-Googler

"In layman’s terms, algorithms are like recipes — a step-by-step set of instructions in a particular order that aim to complete a specific task or solve a problem.

The likelihood for an algorithm to produce the expected result, is indirectly proportional to the complexity of the task it needs to complete."

John MuellerGoogle: Why you see portions of your site go up or down after algorithm updates

"John said 'It's-- like, when we try to understand the relevance of a website, on the one hand, we try to look at the bigger picture of the website.' He added 'But we do also look at smaller parts of a website. So it can certainly happen that some things go up, some things go down. And on average, across a domain, you will see some change, or maybe it'll even out even in kind of weird coincidental cases. So that's certainly possible, the way that you're seeing things there.'"

Google short videos carousel displays TikTok & Instagram videos

"Back in April, Google began testing a new feature to show short videos in a carousel in the mobile search results. That carousel seemed to first only show YouTube videos, but now it is showing videos from TikTok and Instagram."

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  • Apple Wins a patent that supports the rumor they're developing their own Search Engine that could replace Google.
  • Keep up to date: Microsoft Advertising Health blog.
  • Google is testing colored search category buttons.
  • Discussion: 99% traffic drop from Google after site hack.

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