Weekly SEO news: 12 January 2021
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1. Google: we use many different signals to rank web pages

Google's John Mueller reminded webmasters on Twitter that Google user many different ranking signals to rank web pages. If you want to get high rankings, you shouldn't focus on a single ranking signal.

Fortunately, SEOprofiler helps you to optimize your web pages for these ranking elements.

How to optimize your web pages

SEOprofiler offers many different SEO tools that help you to optimize your web pages for high rankings on Google and other search engines.

The Top 10 Optimizer in SEOprofiler analyses many different elements on your web pages. It is very easy to use:

1. Choose the keyword and the country

You enter the URL of your web page and the search term for which you want to be listed on the first results page. Then select the country which you want to be listed.

2. Get the top ranked pages

Click the 'Get high ranking pages' button and we will retrieve the pages that currently have high rankings on the chosen search engine for the keyword. The Top 10 Optimizer report will be based on the analysis of these pages and your own page. You can also enter the comparison pages manually.

3. The Top 10 Optimizer report shows you in detail what you have to change

Based on the analysis of the high ranking pages, the Top 10 Optimizer will assign a score to your web page. If your page does not have a 100% score, the report will show you which elements you have to change so that your website can get on the first results page on search engines.

Just change your web page according to the suggestions of the Top 10 Optimizer until there are no further suggestions. As soon as your website has a score of 95% or higher, it is very likely that your pages will be listed on the first results page.

Focus on topics, not on single keywords

Modern search engine algorithms focus on topics, not on individual keywords. It is not necessary to use every possible keyword variation on your web pages (for example 'cheap travel insurance', 'cheapest travel insurance', 'cheap travel insurances', etc.).

It is much more important that the content is related to a particular topic ('cheap travel insurance', 'traveling', 'do I need a travel insurance', etc.).

To get the best results, use the Top 10 Optimizer with as many different pages of your website and as many related keywords as possible:

Optimize your web pages with the Top 10 Optimizer

  • The optimization score shows your progress.
  • The table of contents shows the different elements that have been analyzed in the report. Click on a chapter name to go to the corresponding chapter.
  • The 'Score' column shows how many points you can achieve and how many points your website currently has.
  • The 'To do' column shows how many things you have to do in this element. What exactly has to be done is listed in the actual chapter. Click the chapter name to view the chapter.

Optimize your web pages now

It is much easier to gt high rankings on search engines if you have the right search engine optimization tools. Create your SEOprofiler account now and optimize your web pages:

Optimize your web pages now

Stay safe during these difficult times!

2. Internet marketing news of the week

Danny SullivanGoogle: The URL removal tool in Search Console just temporarily hides pages from the search results

"The URL removal tool in Search Console just temporarily hides pages from the search results, it doesn't remove anything from the index. Sometimes these pages take a while to be reindexed (& usually those are less-frequently shown in search anyway, so few people see it)."

Google's John Mueller: Keep your URLs short and reasonable

Google's John Mueller said on Twitter that you can mix different languages in web page URLs: "Totally up to you. It seems like users rarely see URLs nowadays, so I'd mostly focus on keeping them short, unique, & reasonable (avoiding things like spaces & commas, which make sharing hard)."

John MuellerJohn Mueller: hreflang helps us to pick the right version

"If you have a UK & a US version of a page, it's fine to use hreflang between those versions. Hreflang doesn't replace geotargeting, but it can help us pick the appropriate version to link to when one of those versions shows up in search."

Google search team launched changes that negatively impacted revenue substantially

"The Google Search team and he personally have purposefully launched 'ranking changes [in Google Search] that negatively impacted revenue substantially.' He said this to drive a point that 'there's an aggressive firewall between the ads and search organizations.'"

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • Google launched subtopics ranking in November.
  • Constitution of United States of America search result format on Google.
  • Google does not penalize websites for email spam.
  • Google Ads: New data exclusion controls for Smart Bidding.
  • Google My Business launches new performance reporting.
  • Google awarded patent for dynamic knowledge panels in productivity apps.

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