Weekly SEO news: 19 January 2021
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1. The best website structure for high rankings on search engines

A solid website structure helps search engines to understand your website content. The easier it is to find out what your web pages are about, the more likely it is that your web pages will get high rankings.

A well organized website helps your users to find what they are looking for, and it helps search engines to understand the purpose of your website.

website structure

Flat websites vs. deep websites

The two most common website navigation structures are flat sites and deep sites. Flat websites are websites that try to make each web page available with very few clicks. Deep websites are websites that use long paths to access specific pages on the site.

A deep website structure enables you to create very exact and targeted topical pages on your website. The disadvantage of a deep website structure is that website visitors and search engine crawlers take longer to find the content they are looking for.

A flat website structure makes it easier for website visitors and search engines to find all pages of your website. The fewer pages your visitors have to go through before finding the content they are looking for, the better.

The best structure for your website

Help your website visitors and search engine bots to get maximum results. All pages on your website should be accessible with a maximum of four clicks from the home page of your site.

In addition, the navigational elements on your website reflect the importance of the linked pages. It usually makes sense to create your website structure like this:

  • Create an overview of all pages of your website.
  • Break the content into core categories and create a top level navigation that hold the different content types of your site.
  • Create logical sub categories.
  • If necessary, create another sub category level.
  • Link the targeted pages from the sub category pages.

If you think about creating a public sitemap of your website so that your visitors can find all pages then your website navigation is not good enough.

Although a sitemap can help search engines and website visitors to find pages on your site, the regular navigation of your website should be so good that a sitemap is not needed.

Check your website now

The website audit tool in SEOprofiler can help you to get the number of clicks that are necessary to reach individual pages on your website ('click depth').

check the click depth

In addition, the website audit tool checks many more things that influence the position of your web pages on Google and other search engines. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerGoogle's John Mueller: users don't care why a page is slow

"Users don't care why a page is slow. It doesn't matter if it's because of AdSense units, if it's slow, then it's slow. For improving, it can make sense to split problems up, but in the end the overall measurements do matter."

Schema.org vs Google Structured Data Rich Results

"If you use something that is published on Schema.org but that is not listed at the Google developer site then you won't benefit from the enhanced listing in Google Search. For example, you won't see stars, reviews, carousel images, and other forms of richened up search results."

John MuellerJohn Mueller: gTLDs can be geotargeted too

"gTLDs [Generic Top-Level-Domains] can be geotargeted too, so it's essentially up to you. Users in some countries prefer local TLDs, others don't. You know your users best."

Google admits to removing local news content in 'experiment'

"Internet search giant Google has admitted that it has been intermittently blocking some Australian news sites from search users. In recent days internet users have reported Australian news sites disappearing from Google's search function, with old content and links being displayed."

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • Google's John Mueller: a CMS is not a framework.
  • Bing has an in-line QR code generator.
  • Google tests expandable search results on mobile.
  • Google tests different image sizes in search results.
  • Bing has a sunrise/sunset tracker.
  • Google completes Fitbit acquisition.
  • Google shuts down old disavow links tool. Use the link disinfection tool to find links that should be disavowed.
  • Google tests new design for sitelinks in mobile search results.

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