Weekly SEO news: 25 May 2021
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1. Official: you don't need a high score in all three Core Web Vitals for a ranking boost

In a web vitals Q&A on YouTube, Google's Philip Walton and John Mueller explained that you do not need a high score in all three Core Web Vitals (CWV) to get a ranking boost. The Page Experience ranking factor is not binary.

Google Core Web Vitals and your website

What are Core Web Vitals?

Since May 2021, Google uses the new Page Experience algorithm. That algorithm tries to understand how website visitors perceive a web page: how quickly it loads, how well the page is displayed on mobile phones, how ads are shown on the page, etc.

The new Page Experience algorithm uses existing Google ranking factors. For example, the page speed update, the mobile-friendly update, the interstitials update and the HTTPS update are part of the new algorithm. Google is going to refine the metrics that deal with usability and speed.

The three core web vitals are loading, interactivity, and visual stability. These are represented by the values First Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift.

It's not necessary to get a "good" value in all CWV

Google's Philip Walton from Google said that CWV isn't fully a binary thing. Google's John Mueller said that it is enough to reach a threshold:

"Once you have reached that good threshold, then that for us is like a pretty high bar, and you are at that stable point. And at that point, like, micro optimizing things like extra milliseconds here and there, that's not going to do your site in ranking anything specific.

It might have an effect on what users see and with that you might have other positive effects, but at least when it comes to search ranking, that's not going to be something where you are going to see improvement. If you are like five milliseconds faster than the next one."

What do you have to do now?

To get a ranking boost from the Page Experience ranking algorithm algorithm, you don't have to reach a "good" score for all three metrics. It also won't help to further improve your pages after reaching the "good" score.

Optimize your website now

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

John MuellerJohn Mueller: Google doesn't index all content

"We just don't index all content - complaining about it on Twitter won't change that. Sometimes there are good pages we don't index, even. There's never been a guarantee that we index it all. Sometimes giving it time helps."

There might have been a big Google update (discussion)

Many webmasters have seen major ranking changes. This could be a major ranking algorithm update: "Google deindexed 90% of our pages, from 1750 to 168. And core vitals suddenly decided our mobile pages are all too slow. Insanity by design."

Editor's note: Monitor your ranking changes with the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler.

John MuellerJohn Mueller: punctuation next to links isn't a ranking factor

"I'm not aware of punctuation next to links ever being a factor in crawling, indexing, or ranking with any search engine. However, I'm pretty certain if I say that 'Google doesn't use punctuation next to links', *someone* will take that as a confirmation that we do use it."

Google doesn't check synonyms across languages

"We can probably work out a lot of synonyms, but it's also a matter of showing users what they're searching for. If I search in German, I'd be annoyed by French results (even if it's also a common language here)."

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