Weekly SEO news: 5 December 2017
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1. Outdated SEO techniques and what you should do instead - part 1

Search engine optimization has changed a lot in the past few years. Things that used to work great in the past do not work anymore. Other techniques that delivered great results in the past will get your website penalized today.

In our new article series, we'll talk about outdated SEO techniques and why you should avoid them. More importantly, we're showing you better alternatives to these outdated techniques.


A relic of the ancient past: keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing has stopped working years ago. Unfortunately, still use this technique. You've probably seen web pages with content like this:

"Buy blue widgets for your friend. A blue widget is cool so order it for yourself. With blue widgets, you will have tons of blue widget fun. Enjoy your blue widget and get it from our blue widget shop. We have everything for blue widgets."

Why is keyword stuffing bad?

Search engine can detect that the sole purpose of the text above was to mention the term 'blue widget' as often as possible. It's also obvious that the text has not been written for human visitors. Modern search engine algorithms aren't stupid. If you're lucky, search engines will ignore your page. If you're not lucky, your website will get a penalty.

In addition, people who come to your website won't read this text. That also means that these people won't buy something from your website and they won't share the page on social networks.

In short: keyword stuffing is bad for your search engine rankings and it is bad for conversions.


The better alternative

Of course, your web pages still must contain keywords that are related to the topic of your website. Otherwise, search engines wouldn't be able to find out what your website is about.

Modern search engine algorithms can detect topics. They know that the words 'sneakers' and 'footwear' are related to the keyword 'shoes'. If you want to optimize your website for keywords that are related to the topic 'shoes', write web page content that for human readers.

Convince your website visitors that your page is the right page for the topic and that the page contains the solution to their question. If you use your keywords in a natural context, search engines will find your web pages relevant to these keywords.

The Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler helps you to optimize your web pages for keywords that are related to the topic of your website. You get detailed advice that is tailored to your situation:

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Get better rankings

Better use up-to-date methods to get high rankings. The tools in SEOprofiler use white-hat SEO methods that play by the rules. If you want to get high rankings that work with current and future search engine ranking algorithms, optimize your web pages with your visitors in mind. The tools in SEOprofiler help you to do that:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleCase study: does a 302 redirect pass PageRank with Google?

"Yes. 302 Redirects Pass PageRank. [...] 302 redirects pass page rank. If they didn’t, then I would expect some level of (Google) organic search traffic decline (more as a result of external links than the site’s internal link graph, which did not change). [...] In the case of 302 redirects passing PageRank, it seems apparent that Google’s statements are true."

Google’s John Mueller: how to implement hreflang for Google’s mobile first algorithm

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the hreflang attribute should be configured as mobile-to-mobile and desktop-to desktop. The hreflang attribute is used for language and regional URLs."

GoogleGoogle introduces a new 'Finance' search tab

"Now under a new search navigation tab called “Finance,” you’ll have easier access to finance information based on your interests, keeping you in the know about the latest market news and helping you get in-depth insights about companies."

Coming to terms with fake reviews

"In the same way that Google considers some forms of SEO to be unacceptable, they and other review sites dislike any reviews that aren’t organic -- yet fake reviews are still prevalent. Columnist Kevin Lee discusses the scope of the problem and why you should resist the temptation to solicit fake reviews."

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  • Bing shopping ads are on the upswing.
  • Google bug removes answers from the Q&A feature.
  • Cyber Monday brings in a record $6.59B in online sales, with $2B coming from mobile.
  • Facebook prototypes Messenger Broadcast for businesses.

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