Weekly SEO news: 25 June 2019
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1. Your alternative to Google's Keyword Planner

If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you need good keywords. Optimize your web pages for the keywords that your customers are searching for on Google and you will get more customers.

Google's Keyword Planner alternative

You need an alternative to Google's Keyword Planner

Most people use Google's Keyword Planner to do their keyword research. Unfortunately, Google's Keyword Planner data is limited. You need an active campaign on Google Ads and Google can limit the data if you do not spend enough on Google ads.

If you just use Google's Keyword Planner, you won't get all of the keywords that will drive targeted visitors to your website. That's the reason why you need an alternative to Google's Keyword Planner.

SEOprofiler offers many powerful keyword research tools

The keyword tools in SEOprofiler help you to find better keywords for SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (paid search engine marketing).

The most important keyword tool in SEOprofiler is the keyword suggestion tool. It helps you to get new keyword ideas for your search engine optimization campaigns and it is a great alternative to Google's Keyword planner. Just enter a keyword and you will get keyword suggestions with a log of additional data:

An alternative to Google's Keyword Planner: the keyword suggestion tool

With the keyword suggestion tool, you can find the best keywords quickly and easily:

  • Collect keywords: Click the checkbox next to the keywords that you want to use for your Google Ads campaigns. The keyword will then be added to the temporary keyword list.
  • Refine suggestions: The first column shows the keyword suggestions. Click a keyword to refine the suggestions for this keyword.
  • Monthly search volume and progression: The second column shows the average number of monthly searches for the keyword. The chart next to the keyword shows the monthly search volume from January to December. Click the chart or the search number to view the keyword details box.
  • Cost per click: The "CPC" (cost per click) column shows the cost per click when you advertise for the keyword on Google Ads.
  • Competition: The "Competition" column shows how many websites advertise for the keyword. The higher the number (from 0 to 100), the more websites advertise for the keyword.
  • Opportunity: The opportunity column shows how lucrative the keyword is. A high opportunity value means that it is relatively easy to get high rankings for the keyword, and that the keyword will send a good amount of visitors to your website.

    The value is calculated by combining competition, CPC, searches, and the number of words in the keyword.

  • Work with your keywords: You can do the following in the "Actions" column: open the keyword details box, optimize a page of your website for the keyword, monitor the rankings of your web pages for the keyword, search Google for the keyword, view the Google Trends page for the keyword.

Related keywords, competitor keywords, and more

SEOprofiler also enables you to spy on the keywords for which your competitors have high rankings on search engines. You can also view the keywords for which your competitors advertise on Google Ads.

In addition, the ranking monitor in SEOprofiler shows you keywords that are related to your monitored keywords. This helps you to find long tail keywords that are actually searched for on Google:

Find related keywords: popular long tail keywords

Get the best keywords for your website now

Create your SEOprofiler account now and use the keyword tools in SEOprofiler to get more visitors with better keywords:

Get the best keywords now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

John Mueller Google: we do not recommend separate mobile URLs

"Google’s John Mueller has confirmed on Twitter that Google does not recommend separate mobile URLs. Google recommends responsive web design that uses a single URL for desktop pages and mobile pages. Separate URLs for the same content make things harder than necessary."

Millions of business listings on Google Maps are fake—and Google profits

"Google Maps is filled with false business addresses created by firms pretending to be nearby."

John MuellerGoogle: your website can rank for text in img alt attributes

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that a website can be ranked for words that are used in the img alt attributes of the web pages. [...]

Among many other things, the website audit tool in SEOprofiler checks the img alt attributes on your web pages. The Top 10 Optimizer tool in SEOprofiler also analyzes your pages and it shows you how to improve the img alt attributes (and other things) to get higher rankings."

How much of Google’s search traffic is left for anyone but themselves?

"According to Jumpshot*, in Q1 2019 Google’s US web search engine received 150+ Billion searches, solved 48.96% of those searches without a click, sent 7.2% of all search clicks to paid results, sent 6.01% of all searches (~12% of search clicks) to websites owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company, directed a click to non-Alphabet-owned websites (aka, the rest of the web) after 45.03% queries."

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  • Google poll: webmasters want to see the internal nofollow links on their websites.
  • Disallowed URLs do not affect the crawl budget.
  • Most websites don't have to worry about crawl budget (and it's always better to use faster servers).
  • Google can show hidden content from CSS accordions.
  • Google going to show the data source for lyrics.
  • A Google algorithm was 100 percent sure that a photo of a cat was guacamole.
  • You can add links, unicode, and emojis to your FAQ schema.

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