Weekly SEO news: 4 September 2018
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1. New in SEOprofiler: even more locations for local SEO and rank tracking

More than 50% of all searches on Google are done on smartphones and other mobile devices. Many of these searches have a strong local touch. That means that people get different search results based on the location from which they search.

Rank tracking for all locations that are supported by Google

Different regions have different search results. For example, searchers in New York get different results for the keyword "plumber" than people in San Francisco.

The Ranking Monitor checks your rankings in 162 countries and languages. You can check your local rankings from all locations that are also supported by Google.

7,524 new locations that can be targeted by you

We're continually updating the locations that are supported. After the latest update, we support a total of 99,611 locations.

You can select all of these locations when you add your keywords to the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler. Just type the first few letters of the location to get a list of all locations that start with these letters in the selected country:

Since the last update, there are 2,396 new locations from Australia, 737 new locations from Germany (mainly ZIP code areas), 500 new locations from the United States and many updates and additions from other countries.

Your local SEO rank tracking solution

Local rank tracking is is important if you have a brick and mortar business. Your website must be found for searches that are done by potential customers in the area where your business is located.

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to track your rankings on city-level. You can specify the exact location from which your rankings should be checked (cities, zip codes, airports, etc.). If you do business in multiple locations, you can track all the locations in one campaign.

Local results tracking for businesses without websites

Google also shows businesses that do not have a website in the local results.

The Ranking Monitor monitor enables you to track the positions of these businesses in the search results, even if Google does not show a website address.

Just enter the business name and the Ranking Monitor will take care of it. It’s really easy.

Optimize your web pages now

SEOprofiler offers many powerful tools that help you to get your web pages on the top of Google's search results. You can create your free account here:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle testing "relevant history" section in mobile search results

"Google is testing a new feature in the mobile search results – a drop down section labelled as 'Relevant History' that appears at the very top of the mobile search results. It shows previously visited pages directly related to the search."

Why Google shows featured snippets with images from another site

"When Google does not choose the image from the featured snippet landing page, it often chooses the image that is ranking number one for the same query but in Google image search. [...]

If you have a feature snippet, but another site has the image on that snippet, there’s definitely room for improvement. Obviously Google thought your site was good enough to show the text but for some reason, they thought your images were lacking – or you might not have an image on the page at all."

GoogleGoogle's Danny Sullivan says it's OK to ask for links

"Does this add value to the web and benefit users or am I doing this purely to manipulate search rankings? [...]

This common-sense approach to communication is what will benefit all parties involved (SEOs, users, and search engines) and help us build a better, more-connected web."

Google’s featured snippet videos now overlay in search results

"Google has made a major change with how featured snippets with a video are done in the search results.  Instead of clicking through to the YouTube video landing page, Google is overlaying the video directly into the search results instead.  The overlay does not feature any of the YouTube features and is instead a very plain overlay."

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  • Kudlow says White House ‘taking a look’ at regulating Google searches.
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  • Republican senator asks FTC to examine Google ads.

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