Weekly SEO news: 18 September 2018
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1. New in SEOprofiler: the much improved Domain Finder tool

We're continually improving SEOprofiler to make sure that you get the best search engine optimization tools. The latest improvement is the new version of our Domain Finder tool.

Full of opportunities: find link prospects, business leads, and motivated bloggers

Find relevant websites is important if you want to get good links that have a positive influence on the search engine rankings of your website. The Domain Finder Tool helps you to find these relevant websites.

Just enter keywords that are related to your business in the search box and you will get hundreds of related websites. For example, if your website is about travel, you might want to search for 'travel blog', 'travel insurance', or 'travel news':

The new Domain Finder tool.

The websites in the results table are related to that topic. Links from these websites will have a positive influence on the search engine rankings of your own website.

Many of these websites can also be good business partners, and/or they can blog about your website.

The Domain Finder tool is full of opportunities. Find leads for your business, find blogs and web sites to promote your content, find sites that accept guest posts, research content ideas, research your competitors, and more.

What's new in the Domain Finder tool?

The new version now searches twice as many domain names: more than 500 million. The search is much faster than before and the display of the registration date for domains is not an experimental feature anymore. The registration date is now available for about 95% of the domains. Links from older websites often have a bigger influence on the linked web page than links from newer websites.

We have also extended the number of supported industries. 25% more website industries enable you to filter domains more specifically. In addition, there's better support for international domain names with Unicode characters.

Here's a short comparison of the old and the new Domain Finder tool:

Keyword Previous version New version Change
bitcoin 3,419 4,886 +42%
car insurance 2,378 2,985 +25%
dallas news 24 182 +658%
earphone 58 100 +72%
flights 1,779 2,401 +34%
home ideas 248 418 +68%
iphone 3,998 7,340 +83%
job search 483 615 +27%
los angeles 2,702 3,880 +43%
mortgage 6,238 7,930 +27%
new zealand 946 1,205 +27%
pest control 2,100 3,399 +61%
star wars 528 1,078 +104%
travel 40,141 65,155 +62%
travel blog 467 2,231 +377%
vegan 3,656 5,835 +59%
world cup 832 1,417 +70%

There's more to come

The next big update on our list is a much improved Link Profiler tool that will find many more links than the current version. It will be a major leap from the current version of the Link Profiler tool. We plan to release the new version this fall.

Try SEOprofiler now

SEOprofiler offers many tools that help you to get better results with your website. If you haven't done it yet, try SEOprofiler now:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: we don't personalize results except for location and search history

"On CNBC, Google’s Pandu Nayak said that Google does not use much personalization for the search results:

“Right now, there is very little search personalization and what exists is focused on a user’s location or immediate context from a prior search. (If you Googled something related to baseball followed by ‘The Giants,’ the results wouldn’t surface the football team, for example.)"

Google’s latest change has search marketers rethinking keyword match types

"Here's what some marketers are saying about the move to include same meaning queries in exact match close variants. [...]

The impact of this will probably be most felt by accounts where exact match has historically been successful and where an exact match of a query made a difference in conversions — hence the reason you’d use exact in the first place."

John MuellerGoogle: manual penalties expire

"Google has two ways to penalize websites that try to cheat the ranking system: algorithmic penalties and manual actions. With manual actions, real people apply a penalty to the website that does not comply with Google's guidelines.

On Twitter, Google's John Mueller said that manual actions can be replaced by an algorithmic penalty."

Bing’s new automated bidding options: what’s the scoop?

"Bing already had automated bidding options; you could choose to maximize your clicks or enhance your CPC. Now you can choose Target CPA or Maximize Conversions instead."

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  • Google doesn't show any external results for hurricane searches.
  • Google now shows dynamic search ad performance aggregated by landing page.
  • Google: deliver the best message across the web with responsive display ads.
  • Does hypnotizing somebody for links break the webmaster guidelines?
  • Google: your company/brand name in every title is okay as long as the rest of the title is unique.
  • Google’s location privacy practices are under investigation in Arizona.
  • Google's John Mueller says you can remove old URLs from Google's index with the noindex tag, or with 404/410 HTTP status codes.
  • Google looking for ways to handle sites blocking searchers over GDPR.
  • When developers find out SEO is real.

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