Weekly SEO news: 11 December 2018
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1. How to find the best keywords for your website with the right keyword research tools

The keywords that you choose are the most important factors that decide whether you will succeed with your website or not. A number 1 listing on Google can be totally pointless if it is for the wrong keyword.

The best keywords for SEO

If you target the wrong keywords, you'll waste a lot of time, energy and money.

It pays to think twice about your keywords

Many business owners think that they already know the best keyword for their websites. If they haven't done some research, they are usually wrong. There are several reasons for that:

  1. You know your business much better than anybody else. You know the special terms that are used in your branch and you know what you should search for when you're looking for products like yours.
  2. Your customers don't know as much as you. They don't know your terminology and they might use totally different keywords. For example, people might search for the keyword "nose job" while your professional pride tells you that you should use the word "rhinoplasty." If you don't use the words that your customers use, your website won't be found.
  3. The intention of the searcher is important. Just because a keyword is used very often on search engines it doesn't mean that you'll get many customers. People who find your website through a special keyword might not be interested in purchasing.

It's very important that you take some time to find the best keywords for your website. The time and efforts that you invest in finding the right keywords will pay back in no time.

A keyword database with 249 million keywords

The keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler is a powerful tool that helps you to get new keyword ideas for your search engine optimization campaigns. It's keyword database contains 249 million keywords.

The keywords that you choose are the most important factors that decide whether you succeed or not.

Use the wrong keywords and you will waste a lot of time and money. Use the right keywords and you will get many more targeted website visitors.

keyword suggestion tool: this keyword tool helps you to get new keyword ideas

The keyword suggestion tool in SEOprofiler is an international keyword tool.

You get keyword suggestions for 41 countries and languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian, and more.

Get keywords that are related to your website

When you check your rankings with the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler, you will automatically get related keyword suggestions.

These keyword suggestions are keywords that are related to your website, but you aren't tracking these keywords yet.

related keyword suggestions

Do not miss out on keywords that can send your website many more visitors.

Many more keyword tools

SEOprofiler offers many more keyword tools that help you to find the best keywords for your website. You can create your SEOprofiler account here:

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleShould Google remove hacked websites from its index?

"On Twitter, a webmaster asked whether Google should completely remove websites that it suspects are hacked, or serving malware. [...]

36% said that Google should remove these websites from the index. 64% said that it’s enough to warn hacked websites."

Major trends in paid search [report]

"In recent years, paid search has risen to the challenge of renewing itself. It remains one of the driving forces of digital advertising, and it is adopting innovations from competing approaches, broadening its view of the user journey and playing with artificial intelligence."

GoogleMeasuring the "Filter Bubble": How Google is influencing what you click

"Over the years, there has been considerable discussion of Google's 'filter bubble' problem. Put simply, it's the manipulation of your search results based on your personal data. [...]

Most participants saw results unique to them. These discrepancies could not be explained by changes in location, time, by being logged in to Google, or by Google testing algorithm changes to a small subset of users."

Rich Results expands for question & answer pages

"We have developed a new rich result type for question and answer sites. Search results for eligible Q&A pages display a preview of the top answers. This new presentation helps site owners reach the right users for their content and helps users get the relevant information about their questions faster."

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • Search for Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanzaa to see special Google result pages.
  • Upcoming enhancements to the Bing partner program.
  • Google rolls out “Sold Here” to local search results.
  • Does Google harm local search rivals? EU antitrust regulators ask.
  • The friendship that made Google huge.
  • Malware authors have figured out how to get Google to do "irreversible takedowns" of the sites they compete with.
  • Google is testing a new UI for GMB listing images.
  • Googlers write to CEO demanding equal treatment for contractors.
  • Top U.S. general urges Google to work with military.

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