Weekly SEO news: 2 April 2019
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1. Google: Don't mix mobile URLs and responsive design

Having a website that works well with mobile devices is very important as about 60% of all visitors view websites on Smartphones. But should you use mobile URLs, or should you use responsive web pages? Can you combine both?

What is Google's recommendation?

In March, Google's John Mueller said that websites with separate mobile URLs (https://m.example.com) should move to responsive design.

A website that uses responsive design contains elements that respond differently when viewed on devices of different sizes. If a user views the website on a tablet, the website might automatically adjust to display just two columns.

If the user views the website on a smartphone, the content might appear as a single column. On responsive websites, images will resize instead of distorting the layout or getting cut off. Responsive design websites automatically adjust based on the device of the user.

Don't mix mobile URLs and responsive design

Instead of using responsive design, websites could deliver special mobile URLs to smartphones. For example, desktop users might see www.example.com/page.html and smartphone users might see m.example.com/page.html.

On Twitter, a user asked what happened if he used both mobile URLs and responsive design. Google's John Mueller said that you shouldn't mix them because Google might get confused:

How to optimize your website for smartphones

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2. Internet marketing news of the week

Google Google: you have to optimize your pages if blocked pages outrank your regular pages

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller said that you have to work on your website if pages that have been excluded by your robots.txt file outrank the regular pages of your website in Google’s search results."

Google: schema code helps with rich results not but with featured snippets

"Google uses schema markup for rich results on the result pages. However, schema markup is not used for featured snippets.

Featured snippets are boxes that Google shows above the result search results. In general, these featured snippets contain the answer to the question in the search term."

John MuellerExcuse my French: Google says you can use accents in URLs (but be careful)

"On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller said that accents in URLs work fine with Google. However, some tools (and maybe other search engines) might not work with them. [...] Some characters are now allowed in URLs and they can break your website."

Social media: How does it affect SEO?

"Does social media have an impact on your SEO? Do retweets, shares, and likes of a page actually boost that page in search engine results? [...] Most experts agree, though, that rankings aren’t directly affected by social signals. [...]

It’s not the actual social activity that matters, but what happens as a result of that activity."

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  • Pentagon says all of Google’s work on drones is exempt from the freedom of information act.
  • EU lawmakers approve copyright reforms that could have a big impact on Google, Facebook.
  • Google says EU copyright reforms will hurt creative industries.
  • Killed By Google is a digital graveyard of the company’s dead products.
  • Google usually doesn't index embedded SVGs.
  • Google is testing icons in the search bar.
  • Google releases new Google Ads editor.
  • Google's link shortener is officially dead.

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