Weekly SEO news: 5 February 2019
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1. New in SEOprofiler: export image issues in the website audit tool (and do much more)

We've just released another addition to the website audit tool. The audit tool now offers an additional export feature for image related warnings, errors and notices.

How the website audit tool helps you to fix errors on your web pages

The website audit tool checks all pages of your websites for errors that can have a negative effect on the search engine rankings of your web pages. You will get a list of all pages that contain errors so that you can fix these errors as quickly as possible:

SEO audit: pages with errors, warnings, notices and spelling mistakes

Just click the 'Details' button next to a page URL to view the errors of the page:

View the error details

In general, the fastest method to fix the errors on your website is to fix them page by page with the web interface shown above.

How to find pages with particular errors

Some people want to fix the errors by error type. It's very easy to find web pages that contain particular errors in the website audit tool. Just use the filters at the top of the 'Checked files' page in the website audit tool:

SEO audit: only view pages with particular errors

That's the easiest way to view pages that contain particular errors. Some people want to send a list of errors to coworkers so that the coworker can work on the errors.

One way to send a list of errors to coworkers is to use the export feature:

SEO audit: export pages with issues

The export feature creates CSV files. This can be useful if you have in-house tools that can work with CSV files. For example, the 'broken links' CSV file contains the HTTP code of the broken link, the page URL that contains the broken link, the linked broken URL, the HTML tag and the anchor text.

There are many different CSV files that you can export. The 'Image issues' CSV file is new.

Branded reports and team member accounts

As explained above, it is much easier to work with the web-based website audit reports to fix errors on your website. Instead of sending your coworkers CSV files, you can also offer access to the web-based client reports.

The web-based client reports have no reference to SEOprofiler, so nobody will find out that you used SEOprofiler to create the audit report. The web-based client reports enable you to give other people full access to the audit report without sharing other data.

work with your team

Alternatively, you can use the team member account feature in SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler enables you to add team members to your SEOprofiler account. You specify the projects and the tools that can be accessed by your team members.

For example, a team member might only have access to a particular project. You can also restrict access to the website audit tool for that project. The team member account feature is very flexible.

Check your web pages now

Create your SEOprofiler account now to check the pages of your website. Error free pages with the right content get higher rankings on Google and other search engines:

Check your pages now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleFor JavaScript websites: dynamic rendering with Rendertron

"Many frontend frameworks rely on JavaScript to show content. This can mean Google might take some time to index your content or update the indexed content. [...]

Dynamic rendering means switching between client-side rendered and pre-rendered content for specific user agents.You will need a renderer to execute the JavaScript and produce static HTML."

Google will begin deleting Google+ photos, pages, comments, and more on April 2

"Starting April 2, all Google+ accounts and pages will be deleted, along with photos, videos, and all other content contributed or uploaded by Google+ users. It won’t happen right away — Google expects the process to take 'months' — but the company is instructing folks to back up any media they’d like to save."

BingBing: Get your content indexed fast by now submitting up to 10,000 URLs per day to Bing

"We are releasing the Adaptive URL submission feature that increases the daily quota by 1000x, allowing you to submit up to 10,000 URLs per day, with no monthly quotas. The daily quota per site will be determined based on the site verified age in Bing Webmaster tool, site impressions and other signals that are available to Bing."

Google is bringing a proper Q&A section to its search engine

"[Google] is looking to add another one and is apparently testing a new QandA carousel. Simply titled 'QandA on Google', the new section comes up when you look up a particular question and for now, is placed somewhere between the search results (on both the mobile and desktop versions). [...]

Unlike the company’s previous efforts to bring QandA to Google, this one is entirely crowdsourced and the answers are not being pulled up from blog posts.

+++ SEARCH +++ ENGINE +++ NEWS +++ TICKER +++

  • Google testing Events Rich Results on desktop.
  • Google.com on mobile web rolling out voice search in Chrome for Android.
  • U.S. judge rejects Yahoo data breach settlement.
  • Google testing new URL copy and share buttons in Chrome for Android’s ‘search-ready’ omnibox.
  • French regulator orders Google to review ads policies.
  • Microsoft sees Bing Ad revenue inch upward.
  • Activists in Paris protest against Google's tax setup.
  • A new user-agent for Google speakers?

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