Weekly SEO news: 26 September 2017
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1. New in SEOprofiler: 160 countries and languages

The Top 10 Optimizer and the Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler now support 160 countries and languages. If you want to promote your website nationally and internationally, SEOprofiler is the right tool for you.

Your international SEO tool

With the latest addition of 35 new variations, SEOprofiler now supports these countries and languages:

160 countries and languages

How to select a country in the Top 10 Optimizer

The Top 10 Optimizer enables you to optimize your web pages for high rankings for keywords that deliver targeted visitors to your website.

Enter the URL of the page that you want to optimize, enter the keywords for which you want to get high rankings, choose if you want to get high rankings on desktop or mobile, and select the country in which you want to get high rankings:

select a country in the Top 10 Optimizer

The Top 10 Optimizer will analyze your web page and it will tell you how to change your page so that it gets high rankings for the entered keyword.

How to select a country in the Ranking Monitor

The Ranking Monitor in SEOprofiler enables you to monitor the position of your web pages in Google, Google Mobile, Bing and Yahoo.

You can specify a country when you add the keywords that you want to monitor. Click the 'Add your keywords' button on the page 'Ranked keywords' in the Ranking Monitor to get this dialog:

add your keywords

Enter your keywords and select the country in which you want to monitor your rankings. If you want, you can also specify the exact location from which the ranking check should be performed.

After adding the keywords, you can filter your rankings by location:

filter by country

SEOprofiler offers many more tools

The Top 10 Optimizer and the Ranking Monitor are only two of the tools that you get with SEOprofiler. SEOprofiler also offers tools for website audits, keyword research, competitive intelligence, analytics, and more.

If you haven't done it yet, create your SEOprofiler account now:

Check your pages now

2. Internet marketing news of the week

GoogleGoogle: our algorithms don't look at disavow files

"Google's Gary Illyes said on Twitter that Google doesn't train their algorithms to find spam by fetching and processing disavow files across the web.

Google does of course use the disavow file to ignore links pointing to your site, but in terms of using it to find spam - Google says they don't use it."

Using ngram phrase models to generate site quality scores

"Navneet Panda, whom the Google Panda update is named after, has co-invented a new patent that focuses on site quality scores. It’s worth studying to understand how it determines the quality of sites. [...]

In addition to generating ngrams from text upon sites, in some versions of the implementation of this patent will include generating ngrams from anchor text of links pointing to pages of the sites. Building a phrase model involves calculating the frequency of n-grams on a site 'based on the count of pages divided by the number of pages on the site.'

Editor's note: The website audit tool in SEOprofiler also analyzes the contents of your web pages and it shows the most popular words that are used on your pages.

Gary IllyesGoogle: responsive sites don't need to worry about mobile first index 

"Gary Illyes from Google said at the BrightonSEO conference that those with responsive sites don't really need to worry about the upcoming mobile first index. [...]

Google has been proactively encouraging webmasters to get their sites ready by migrating to responsive design. The mobile first index is expected to happen sooner than later and the best way to do that is to make sure your pages are equivalent and responsive sites help with that."

Editor's note: Use the website audit tool in SEOprofiler to check the mobile version of your website.

3 ways to improve link equity distribution and capture missed opportunities

"For many websites, there is a big opportunity to improve upon the link equity that has already been established. The best part about all of this is that these issues can be addressed internally, as opposed to link building which typically requires third-party involvement. Here are some of my favorite ways to reclaim lost link value. [...] 1. Redirect old URL paths [...] 2. Analyze the .htaccess file [...] 3. Fix internal 301 redirects."

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