Weekly SEO news: 16 July 2019
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1. Structured data markup is not just for Google (but does it always make sense)?

Structured data markup helps Google's ranking algorithm to understand your content more accurately. If you add structured data to your website, your pages may become eligible to be shown with an enhanced appearance in Google's search results. However, there is a risk to using structured data markup on your website.

Why should you use structured data markup?

Depending on the topic of your website, it can make sense to use structured data markup on your web pages. If your web pages contain structured data markup that is related to the content of the page, Google can show the web page with additional elements on the search results page:

Rich result on Google's results page

It's likely that such a result gets more clicks than simple listings without images. Bing also supports structured data markup. For that reason, it can make sense to use structured data markup on your website.

Structured data markup can also lead to fewer website visitors

It is important to use structured data markup that matches the content of the page with the markup code. If you use inappropriate structured data markup, or structured data markup doesn't match the on-page content, your website might get a manual penalty. Do not try to manipulate the search results with fake markup code.

There is another problem that can be caused by structured data markup: if your structured data markup code provides too much information, people will get everything they search for on Google's results page. That means that searches won't click through to your website. Some webmasters learned that the hard way.

For example, this webmaster saw a massive traffic drop after adding FAQ structured data markup code to her website:

Using structured data markup for FAQs can make sense if people would have called your customer service number if they didn't see the answer on Google's result pages. If you want to sell something, it's usually not good if people don't click through to your site.

Google's John Mueller didn't have a problem with the fact that people stayed on Google's results page:

How to create structured data markup code quickly and easily

Both Google and Bing support JSON-LD for structured data markup. That means that you do not have to use the more complicated microdata code anymore. The easiest way to create structured data markup code for your website is the Rich Results Creator tool in SEOprofiler:

Rich Results Creator for structured data markup

Create structured data markup code now

Structured data code on your web pages can increase the number of visitors that your website gets. The Rich Results Creator tool helps you to create JSON-LD code quickly and easily:

Create structured data markup code

2. Internet marketing news of the week

John Mueller Google: be consistent in URL versions

"John Mueller said that you should be consistent in the URL version on your website. If the URLs on your website work with and without a slash, you should use only one version."

John Mueller: even if our web crawler can parse typos in robots.txt, do not rely on it

"There's never a guarantee for anything, but more specifically, I wouldn't rely on things outside of the standard. If you see typos in files, just fix them."

John MuellerGoogle: more crawling doesn't mean better ranking

"Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that your web pages do not get better rankings if they are crawled more often by Google. A webmaster wanted to know if Google changed crawling behavior if pages delivered a '304 not modified' HTTP status code instead of a '200 OK' HTTP status code."

I used Google Ads for social engineering. It worked.

"It’s hard to be cynical about an initiative that deters extremism. But entering the domain of social engineering is a slippery slope. The standard of what needs to be deradicalized is adjustable.

Using Google’s ISIS campaign blueprint, anyone can access the platform’s precise targeting tools and redirect ads to help further his or her own agenda."

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